The Department of Radiology at SMS Hospital is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology. It is equipped with cutting-edge CT and MRI machines, as well as other high-quality equipment. Our radiology department provides a wide range of radiological services. The department has modern digital radiography systems, including direct and computed radiography. Our Radiology Department doctors use portable radiography machines for sick patients that are equipped with a portable C-Arm and are used in operating rooms.

We provide a wide range of services as one of the best radiology hospitals in Hisar, including digital radiography, myelography, intravenous pyelography, mammography, bone density scan, and orthopantomogram. Our Radiology Department has 128 slice CT scanners, allowing for precise and rapid imaging of the entire body, cardiovascular system, neurovascular system, and musculoskeletal system.

The MRI machine is outfitted with the best scanner and provides the most advanced MR imaging.