Fight Cancer with Cancer Super Specialist Dr. Deepak Nain

Cancer is a condition when a few of the body’s cells grow out of control and spread to other bodily regions.
In the trillions of cells that make up the human body, cancer can develop almost anywhere.

Human cells often divide (via a process known as cell growth and multiplication) to create new cells as the body requires them. New cells replace old ones that die as a result of ageing or damage.
Occasionally, this systematic process fails, causing damaged or abnormal cells to proliferate when they shouldn’t. Tumours, which are tissue masses, can develop from these cells. Cancerous or non-cancerous (benign) tumours are both possible.

Your Doctor will do a cancer diagnosis by doing a comprehensive physical examination. They’ll ask you to describe your symptoms and may ask about your family medical history. They may also do the following tests:

  • Blood tests
  • Imaging tests
  • Biopsies

Early Treatment in case of cancer is very important and taking the right consultation is necessary, says Dr Deepak Nain, Cancer Specialist in Hisar at Sapra Multi specialist Hospital.

As per Dr Deepak Nain, “Currently, more cancer patients are being cured or given longer survival times. People with cancer who were identified and treated early on typically have a positive outlook. But your diagnosis will be based on a number of variables, including

Patient’s general health
Patient’s particular cancer type
Patient’s Cancer stage
Patient’s reaction to therapy

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