Dr Praveen Thakur Pediatric Nephrologist in Hisar

Dr Praveen Thakur- Pediatric Nephrologist bestowed life to a 9-year-old child

Dr Praveen Thakur, the renowned Paediatric Nephrologist in Hisar’s  Sapra Multispeciality Hospital gave life to a 9-year-old child who was suffering from kidney problems since birth.

Lakshay, a resident of city Bhiwani had only one kidney since birth and that was not also properly placed. His only kidney was also not working properly due to which he was suffering from chronic respiration problems and other health issues. After taking treatment from a number of doctors at Bhiwani, the problem did not resolve.

The patient’s family was referred to Rohtak and from Rohtak to AIIMS. In AIIMS, they came to know about one kidney but doctors refused to treat the child as the family was poor and can’t afford the bills.  They started ayurvedic treatment but no progress was there. Lakshay’s health was degrading day by day and no medicine was working on it

At last, they got referred to Sapra multispeciality hospital. Here they met Dr Praveen Thakur who is one of the best pediatric nephrologists in Hisar. He gave the best treatment to the child and cured his long-time kidney ailment.

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