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While saving spleen, complex surgery of the pancreas done at Sapra Hospital

Dr Prabhu Swami, Head of the Department of Gastro and Liver Surgery Department of Sapra Hospital did a complex operation on the pancreas while keeping the patient’s spleen protected. It was complex surgery that lasted for three hours.

In a very critical situation, a 24-year-old Kuldeep resident of village Mehrana in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan was admitted to the emergency department of Sapra Multi-Specialty Hospital, Hisar. His pancreas was broken into two pieces, and to save the patient’s life in critical condition, the team of Sapra hospital doctors decided to perform an emergency operation.

Dr Prabhu Swami along with Dr Tarun Sapra and hospital staff completed the surgery successfully. According to Dr Prabhu, the spleen is an important part of the immune system and in such cases, it becomes a complex process to protect it.  But despite all kinds of difficulties, I and Dr Tarun Sapra with the entire team of the Sapra hospital did this complex surgery successfully.

 The patient and his family expressed their gratitude to the doctors and the entire team for the success of this complex operation.

Sapra Hospital provides facilities to treat pancreas & liver cancer and rotting liver surgery through binoculars or open surgery. 

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